Floorplan and Moodboards

Upgrade any room

Turn every space in your home into a work of art.

Are you facing an empty room that's been a puzzle waiting to be solved, or a space in dire need of a refreshing makeover, yet you're unsure of where to start? Your solution is here. We collaborate with you to rejuvenate your room, infusing it with both functionality and style, all while respecting your budget.

Outline of the Process


room evaluation

Start by sharing photos and videos of the room awaiting transformation. If you have inspiration photos, feel free to include them, but even if you don't, that's perfectly fine.

Detailed Virtual Meeting

We will get together on a 60 min video call to review the information you sent, take measurements of your room together so nothing gets missed, ask you questions about your budget, your wish list and go through every detail so we can design your dream room for you 


Our team will present you with 2-3 3D floor plans. You can pick the plan you like or we can work on creating a combination of 2 plans. 1 revision included. 

Vision and Style Presentation

After you've chosen your preferred floor plan, we'll engage in another 60-minute call. During this session, we'll share our vision concerning style, color palettes, and specific furniture selections. Your feedback will guide us as we proceed, with one set of revisions available as needed.

Design and Moodboard

Our team will put together the final design of the room. We will send you a detailed moodboard with reference photos of each item that will go in the room to showcase how it will come together and a direct link to purchase these items

What you'll receive

Two to three floor plans and one set of revisions
A comprehensive mood-board providing a complete vision of your transformed room
Direct links for purchasing all necessary items
Our installation guide, empowering you to assemble the room yourself.

Get started

If you're considering transforming multiple rooms or areas, enjoy a 15% discount on any additional room where you'd like our expert guidance.
Secure your booking with a 50% upfront payment, with the remaining 50% due upon the delivery of your floor plans.
If you are situated in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), you'll have access to our wholesale pricing for applicable furniture, ensuring cost savings and convenience throughout our collaboration.

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